Fria’s Superfoods (Healthy Sprouted Protein Treats)

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frias superfoods

About Fria’s Superfoods

Fria’s superfoods is passionate about desserts and treats! Unfortunately most of the sweet things in life contains sugar, butter and white flour – not a great combination if you are focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention what it does to your children’s energy levels!

I love to recreate all your favourite desserts into healthy, guilt-free versions of themselves. Snickers chocolate becomes a banting snickers cake. After dinner mint becomes guilt-free peppermint sandwiches. An added bonus is that I add a protein powder to all of my treats. I use only raw, natural ingredients, so I know exactly what is going into the treats.

I also sprout all of my nuts, seeds, grains and legumes which releases all of the goodness these foods have locked inside them. You can now eat nuts and seeds without experiencing the uncomfortable side effects.

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